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A slang term for a womans vagina.

Coochie is a nice sounding word used when being frisky with your girlfriend.

It sounds better to say,"I want to play with your coochie" than to say "I want your cunt"
She told me I could have some coochie if I bought her dinner.
von Cheerleader Fucker 25. August 2004
2066 481
Noun: Vagina, Pussy, Cunt

von coatl 8. Mai 2003
857 291
COOCHIE- a piece of female anatomy located anterior to the rectum and between the hips. It is an opening from the external environment to the uterus. It is used for sexual gratification or as a passage for the male gamete to the ova.
The thing about coochie is that you cant seem to get enough no matter how much you have even though it is only an inch off tasting like shit.
von Dr T. Gerbal 27. November 2004
709 324
1) A vagina
2) A term of endearment
1) My coochie hurts.
2) Aw! Hey Cooch!
von Emma 14. Februar 2003
403 196
1) Expression of endearment used to call the women's genitalia.
2) Also used in Spanish as a term of endearment to a person.
3) Latin American Song.
1) I want to have your coochie.
2) Mi coochie coochie, te quiero mucho.
3) "El Coochie coochie."
von Solis 24. Februar 2006
285 150
the synonem for vagina;pussy
that girls coochie was all wet
von vince 17. April 2004
245 125