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a bag full of cunts
£5 for a cuntbag.....?
von buttplugwhite 3. Januar 2011
Attractive middle aged woman, cougar, MILF
Your mom is such a cunt bag, I would like to take her to dinner.
von B-Z-Beats 28. Oktober 2013
A person who is a notch lower than just a plain douchebag.
Rob is such a fucking cuntbag
von Chooks177 13. März 2010
When a postoperative transvestite doesn't have his/her ballsack removed.
I didn't mind that she used to be a guy until I saw her cuntbags.
von donkeydonkeydonkeydonkeydonkey 15. Juli 2009
one who is a complete cunt and deserves to be called such
"My friend Ashley is a cuntbag because I'm at college and she hasn't sent me any letters, emails, or even called"
von Dave 4. November 2003
A Female Judge/Lawyer who thinks because she has a cunt and a handbag, hence "cunt bag," that she knows more than you.
The Fucking Judge on my case today was such a Cunt Bag! Did she even go to law school??? What a fucking Cunt Bag.
von NYC Lawyer 30. März 2010
somebody being a bitch and or annoying
jarrod shut your mouth you dirty cuntbag
von dwayne micheal carter 19. Januar 2010