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A word very commonly used by the irish to describe something beyond great.
Jamo's gaff is fuckin' deadly.
von Wezz 17. November 2004
Irish form of "Brilliant"
That film was bleedin' deadly
von Cully 1. April 2003
Australian aboriginal lingo for really excellent
"Hey check out my new jacket"
"Thats real Deadly".
von twiggywiggy 29. August 2009
Meaning Sooooo fine.
Hey Dennis, you saw that chick over there walking down the beach? Man she was deadly.
von Kailua boy 31. Januar 2004
Word commonly used in Wicklow Town, Ireland meaning really good or excellent.
"That was a deadly movie"
"Didnt like the first one but their new album is deadly"
von Deadly Earnest 14. Februar 2009
(Canadian) Something that is awesome, beyond cool, and something that kicks ass.
"That was deadly!"
"Deadly rims on that truck, eh?"

von jonw 31. Mai 2003