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1 instead of saying "DICK!" or calling someone a dick head after getting into an argument to shut someone up, say Diyak in a laughing matter to let your competition know that you dont take him/her serious.

2 to fake someone out as a joke between friends (but everyone must be silent so that you can say diyak in your own style.) at this point diyak must be said really fast like a sound and not a word. it will sound like->{ey~ah-ck}

3 while with a group of friends on the street, ask an older person for the time quietly or just speak to them in jiberish. they will wonder what you said and you respond by saying diyak quickly just as i described above.
1 ya mova ugly as shit like! say diyak loud, drawn out and with changed pitch for each sylable. Ex. "Diyaaiak"

2 speak quietly while looking at a friend. they will ask you what you said and you can say "Diyak! all your other friends will laugh except for the victum. Ex. Hey, Sean, you goin to that *himaquap* join after work? What! Diyak. then like walk away or something.

3 Excuse me miss, does the bus stop over at yimlockernhimham st? excuse me young man? DIYAK! LOL

NOTE: guys pull this off better than girls because they have more guts to do it and because it was invented by a group of guys in a philly charter school.
von Jiggy'Ma 17. Mai 2007
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