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Using both a condom and anticonception pills when making babies without making babies.
If you're both too ugly to curse this world with a bilateral product, you should be doing it double dutch.
von pariah 10. September 2003
253 154
A style of jump-rope, where two ropes are moved counter to one another. One person stands on each end of the whirling rope-complex, and a third person jumps in the middle of them.

Double dutch requires significantly more concentration than standard jump roping.
Wow, I haven't done double dutch since I was 4.
von Wingchild 13. September 2003
187 97
Two men, each uses one hand to hold their own dick. With their free hands, they grab each other's arms and move them up and down, causing the men to essentially jerk themselves off. Not gay because technically, each man is only holding his own dick and the other's arm.
Where's Alec? I think he's double dutching with Jamie, even though he said his arms were sore lately.
von Ksenya69er 23. November 2008
116 94
To jump two ropes simultaneously.
Double-dutching is harder than it looks.
von Moon Ultra 22. Dezember 2009
13 3
To use two or more types of contraceptives, usually a condom and the pill. Named after the dutch becasue of thier open attitude towards sex and contraception.
It's fine we'll Double Dutch
von FrBa 21. Juli 2011
34 26
a game using two jump ropes that swing in opposite directions
We played double dutch in front of my house yesterday.
von StephBoogie 12. September 2003
61 53
To speak an unknown or foreign language; gobbledygook.
Sam: Ordent de sites in de Open Directory categorieën op basis van hun populariteit.

Joe: Stop speaking double Dutch!
von Dan Levy 9. März 2008
18 12