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Of or pertaining to drugs. NOT a person who uses said drugs. That would be a druggie.
Robert often likes to talk about druggy subjects. For this reason, we call him a druggie.
von Doktorfunk 30. Juli 2006
68 25
Reality is a halucination caused by a lack of drugs
hmmm.....this parking cone was edible last night? why not now???
von Jamie Coates 4. Februar 2003
58 34
A group of people that use illegal drugs. In singular, it refers to one person who does a lot of illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.)
"look at those druggies shooting up"

"don't spend all your money on weed you druggie"
von JRU13 23. Juni 2009
28 13
an extremely doped-out person
Yeah, Mike and Joe are total druggies.
von Dan 10. August 2003
37 26
the word "druggy" refers to a person that abuses drugs.
One day that druggy Joe Parker will die from all that abuse
von spiderman 3. Februar 2003
28 23
a person that uses illegal substances e.g pot
oi druggy u got ne blow?
von spanky 25. August 2003
23 28
Jack Morien using excessive amounts of drugs and getting reallllllllly baked
Jack Morien on a friday night
von Cyber 4. Februar 2003
13 19