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getting money, especially by hustling
"things are dryin up on the street, niggas aint eatin"
von gsstorms 27. April 2008
80 8
To be straight with money
"Yo before we robbed that spot i was broke. Now we all eatin'."
von G121212 9. Februar 2006
38 9
A private dating event in which women can explore casual, consensual sex with a variety of partners.
Why go on a traditional date when you could have an eat-in instead?
von casuallove 12. Januar 2012
2 2
Whats Happening.What Is Interesting. What's Expensive. What Is Popular.
We Eatin Kidd!!!, You Just Hatin Cuz We/I'm Eatin Kidd Kidd Kidd.
von Danielle A.K.A Sandie 10. Juni 2006
9 46