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When you blow your load and it keeps erupting for ages, relentlessly repeating, so messy that it takes out all of the aircraft in the immediate area and causes an international emergency.
Honey get some more tissues, I've just blown an eyjafjallajokull from wanking to this Disney porn.
von richardhead6969 19. April 2010
40 14

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A large glacier volcano in Iceland that professes in fucking up vacations.
The only reason why we were there for so long is because of that goddamn Eyjafjallajokull doing it's business!
von JSaviour 26. Juli 2010
11 3
A dumbass volcano in Iceland, the reason that most planes in Europe had been grounded over April 2010 and also the reason I can't see my girlfriend for 10 more days.
FUCK Eyjafjallajokull I WANT S3X!
Dumbass volcano...
von Omeggia 17. April 2010
26 30