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Unstructured work, often done outside the office on a piecemeal basis. Irregular and often unpaid.
The editor asked me to do all that writing on a freelance basis, but in the end he never paid me. I took him to court.
von RexGibson 14. März 2004
82 28
Living life with no regrets and no remorse.
I am going to freelance down the river.
von XxFREELANCERxX 30. Juli 2009
38 14
a euphemism for being unemployed
Stop calling yourself a freelance financial analyst and just admit that you're unemployed like the rest of us.
von TheGoocher 2. Juli 2009
55 33
To masturbate without any pornographic materials (eg movies or pictures) but to use mental images of past sexual experiences or made up ones. If you can master freelancing you will save on your Internet bill and be able to pleasure yourself anywhere anytime.
I freelanced in the toilets at work without having to use a mobile phone to access pornographic sites or having to use a magazine.
von FBS for LIFE 31. Juli 2011
25 14
Going commando without any underwear, and freeing up the man's penis.
Boy, was it hot in Phoenix today. I had to freelance to cool off.
von quicksilverrose 7. Juni 2010
7 17
An talented and dedicated gamer that always look out for his team.
Dude, that guy that just killed me is such a freelance.
von Danly 27. Mai 2008
7 52