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Admit it....the kind of sex you really want!
Ewwwww! Those guys are having gay sex!
von richard 14. September 2004
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Something magical bettwen two male friends.
Zach stuck his small penis up Josh's ass hole.
von Lord Vili 2. Dezember 2003
when two men love each other very much...they have SEX!!
Bobby and Jack loved each other, so they decided to go to Bobby's house and have gay sex.
von Automailist 21. Juni 2006
How do gay guys have sex? Like everyone else, it all falls under personal preference. Sex is really such a personal and intimate act that no one answer would fit for everyone, but here are a few particulars to consider ...

BODIES. We sometimes forget that the entire body is an erogenous zone. Sensitive areas include the face, ears, neck, arms, chest, belly, back, butt, and thighs, back of knees, calves, feet and toes. The entire body can be used to excite a guy. Rubbing bodies together is very stimulating.

FINGERS. Fingers can be delightful to use on those guys who enjoy penetration (not all gay men do).

HANDS. Running hands up and down a lover's body will often elicit electric responses of passion. From light caresses down the back to deep rubbing across the butt, caressing is an important aspect to sex.

MOUTH. Kissing is a good place to begin and a very important part of sex. Kisses come in different styles depending on the person, the mood and the moment. Tiny, soft kisses tantalize and intrigue. Deep, open-mouth kisses with tongues entwined convey a depth of passion and longing. Kisses are appropriate for any part of the body, wherever one feels the urge to place them, lightly or with trailing tongues. Gently nibbling or sucking on a penis is enjoyed by most gay guys and most often results in orgasm.

PELVIC AREA. Rubbing genitalia together is a great way to have fun with your lover.

ANAL SEX. Anal sex can include anilingus (licking the anus) and/or penetration with the penis. Some gays love anal sex, others do not. Like everything else, it's all personal preference.

MUTUAL MASTURBATION. Some gays enjoy mutual masturbation. Lying while facing each other, simultaneously rubbing and touching each other's penises can be educational as well as enjoyable.

Sex is all about love and pleasure.

NOTE: Many of these things can be a part of straight sex. Many straight men enjoy anal stimulation via dildo or hand, usually given by his girlfriend.

When two gay guys love each other, they have gay sex!
As opposed to straight sex, there are no vaginas involved. Otherwise the two are very similar.
von Sidney87 3. September 2008
Sexual intercourse between two members of the same sex.
Jack put his penis into Joe's anus. This is sex, gay sex to be specific.
von Exovedate 30. September 2007
the best sex in the world!!!
it's the only a sex a man really wants even though he doesnt admit.
to suck some dick and fuck/gettin fuck is awesome
interracial sex is hott and errbody wants it
any guy: yo, man i just had gay sex the best sex in the world
von dirrtycris1 7. April 2007
when 2 men engage in sexual intercourse. One sticks his penis up the other mans asshole and then have sex till they cum.
I pushed my penis up Mikey Rehmeyer's butt and engaged in gay sex all night.
von .sonny vitale.. 3. Januar 2008
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