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As conducive to giggling as fresh, hot bread (with butter) is to eating. You just can't help it.

A feel-good moment or situation. The laughter equivalent of Campbell Soup's mmm mmm good.
This definition really only works if you like freshly baked bread. But then, who doesn't?
von Lady Chevalier 4. Juni 2005
8 4

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Something that is cute and funny.
I love the way you say that. It's so gigglicious :)
von Jacod 9. November 2004
5 1
gigglicious is a fun person to be around! Someone who makes you giggle. it is also a word my friend made up.
my awesome and cooool friend Kyle Blank, said I was a gigglicious person. lol. I love Kyle!
von boneifer 19. Juli 2006
2 2