the whole subculture is at best a misguided resignation to irony and at worst a conscious attempt at absurdist elitism.
That hipster over there is laughing for all the wrong reasons at Blazing Saddles.
von king kong NINJA 12. Oktober 2006
The current “hipster” probably has nothing to do with the older iteration of “hipster”; it’s just another part of the “retro” trend that they’ve borrowed the old name. Or maybe it was applied to them, by people who remember the negative connotations of the old name; I’m not sure where it came from.

In actuality I think this one is just the revision of the yuppie (young urban professional) of my generation (Gen X), except that a lot of hipsters don’t work in traditional professional jobs because they’re fashionably anti-capitalist. If they work, they’re freelancers. Many are wealthy enough to avoid working anyway — solidly middle/upper-class background with generous parents; a lot of accumulated generational wealth (I knew one who’d had a condo deeded to her as a college graduation gift); a trust fund; whatever, though it’s unfashionable to talk about their wealth so they often plead poverty and move into the poorest neighborhoods to be cool (which usually triggers a wave of gentrification in their wake). Also includes, in New York at least, a lot of trust fund kids from overseas, due to the strength of the Euro, and many of them have been stepping in the deepest piles of racism because they don’t really get the nuances here. (Doesn’t stop them from trying, though.)

But basically, the current hipsters are the liberal twentysomethings of this generation, who are usually ham-handed in their liberalism (they’re anti-capitalist and anti-establishment, yet they don’t understand gentrification or their role in it; those who do understand don’t care), and who are constantly in search of new frontiers of whatever — drugs, real estate, sex, fashion. Otherwise they’re just as superficial and self-absorbed as any other twentysomethings. Usually white, as the yuppies were; I haven’t yet heard any PoC derivatives of yuppie, like buppie. They’re usually careful to include a token BBF or PoC in their circle of friends, though, so that they don’t appear racist. If PoC are lacking, they’ll take gay people.
see hipster
von nojojojo 24. August 2008
1. A self-aggrandizing piece of hypocrisy.
2. Consumer.
3. A sector of the "enlightened" mass culture.
See all definitions pointing to pro-Hipster "movement", paying particular attention to definition number 19.
von dr suz 5. August 2008
see non hipster. today's 2008 hipster definition has flipped around. the hipster these days is the normal average everyday walmart/starbucks shopper. walmart is bigger than jesus. he drives a normal car, listens to normal mainstream rock and pop, hangs out at the mall and starbucks, eats mcdonalds and applebees.he lives a predictable and forgettable life. because punk and emo have become so prominant in the last few years. the normal guy is now considered the hipster because there are only a few of them left. the hipster insults punk kids, art kids, indie kids, coffeeshop kids, pretentious psuedo intellectuals because the preppy 2008 hipster kid thinks he is normal, average everyday, and cool. today's hipster is a college kid getting drunk from using his rich parent's money and whining about liberals. he is too passive aggressive to do it in person so he goes online to insult art kids, liberals, anything anti mainstream, booksmart people. he is showy with his parent's money because his parent's are rich yuppie hipsters by this definition.
Today's definition of hipster has really turned around. i'm part new definition hipster and part old. i admit, i like some indie stuff everyone considers pretentious and some mainstream stuff people think is too poppy. i shop walmart, starbucks and drive an suv and i eat at some underground mom and pop shop and hang out with artists and punks and conservative people. my favorite food is mcdonalds. i wear thick framed glasses but alot of brand names from Express and Addidas and the buckle. asics are my favorite shoe. i like underground experimental art and some mainstream summer blockbuster movies. i listen to heavy metal, gangsta rap, indie, pop top 40, punk, death metal, country noir, britney spears, broken social scene, classical music, film score, trip hop and neo soul, and rock. i graduated college and have money from a career in graphic design making mainstream commercial ads and logos.
von eazy-x 15. Februar 2008
Best known for walking out of an Urban Outfitters Catalogue. Female Hipsters tend to wear either 1. Leggings 2. Super skinny jeans 3. ballet flats 4. over sized sunglasses 5. and/or sporting a haircut with some kind of angled bang. Male hipsters are usually spotted wearing: even skinnier skinny jeans 2. iconic t-shirts 3. some subtle accessory like a leather bracelet or aviator glasses 4. and slightly tousled hair, that looks styled but greasy. (giving the illusion of not caring)

They are best known for being super exclusive and elitist and looking down on those who follow the trends dictated by the mainstream.

They also seem to miss the entire irony of how they buy thrift store" clothing from department stores. Just feeding into the "mainstream" culture of consumerism that they claim to be countering.

But getting to the heart of hipster culture, it should be understood that true hipsters care a lot but they don't care. I.E. it’s all about the image. They spend obscene amounts of time calculating their outfits, the bands they like, and the hobbies that they're into. However, they have to pretend that all of it bores them, and that it comes naturally... because only the coolest hipsters don't try, yet still manage to be subversive and hip.

They also tend to be seen in obscure Indie concerts, in their own bands, being DJ's, owning or working at "subversive" yet lucrative businesses like t-shirt printing shops, chain smoking, shopping at Urban Outfitters or H and M, attending liberal arts colleges, or playing competitive dodge ball (because it’s so lame its cool)
The Thoughts of a Hipster:

if its "cool" its lame, and if its dorky its amazing!
Therefore the hipest things ever have to be Mullets, Knee socks, and Barney the Dinosaur!
von the bunny 13. August 2006
Generation Y person born between about 1977 or 1978 and 1993 with yuppie parents who separates themselves on a pedestal from the rest of humanity due to their artistry and misery. This includes the subcategories of emo. This is what hippies were to the baby boomers-a rebellious gesture that is in actuality very unrealistic and became commercialized. In the same way that hippies and later punks stemmed, though in different ways, from the pursuit of materialism, hipsterness and its child of emoness stem from the search to be unhappy. Most hipsters as children were so provided for and sanitized that they have never experienced real need and unhappiness, and don't blame materialism because they have no knowledge of money and how it is used due to their parents. Most hipsters were born in the latter half of Generation Y, between 1985 and 1993. All are liberals, though they usually don't have any clue as to the reality of what they're talking about, and are either obsessed with politics or hold some stupid theory about how the beauty and sadness of life (etcetera, etcetera) is more important than politics, and they listen to only very cutesy, brainlessly stylized, confessional music without any honesty, only hipness. They cluster in certain areas like the South End in Boston and the Lower East Side/Alphabet City and Williamsburg in New York. Many are trustafarians, and all either adamantly reject or endorse drug culture, though next to none are in between.
Man, look at all those hipsters wearing scarves and acting better than everyone! These people are going to have control of this country some day....wait. I'm going to shoot myself.
von JLe 6. März 2005
You know that guy that works at starbucks has a carefully constructed 'i don't care' hair cut, seems perpetually disenchanted with society, politics, his work, everything everyone else does, over estimates his own intelligence and feels cheated in life, acts like he's broke, but gets hand outs from his well-off parents, studies a useless subject at university, and models himself on Seth from the OC? Yeah, total hipster.
Hipsters tend to pride themselves on obsure popular culture references and go to great lengths to formulate a pretentious scruffy look which actually requires great care.
von davetwocombs 1. Mai 2007

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