greatest sport in the world. Played by the top athletes in the world. Guys want to be us, Girls want to see us and we are the center of the universe.
If you think of football any person can run a route, catch or throw a ball and stick a needle full of roids in their ass.
Hockey takes skill, speed and smarts. You can't have a 400 pound guy play like in football. On the ice they let problems get settled like men should, with a tilt. Not to mention in no other sport can you grow the flow like in hockey. It's UNREAL.
Biff "Hey you watch the football game?"
Joe "No, if I wanted to watch roid monkeys rub themselves I'd go to a football players house and throw on some gay porn"
Biff "Did you watch the hockey game?"
Joe "Yea, it was UNREAl!"
Biff "I didn't."
Joe "That's BUSH!"
von Gong Show Garry 30. April 2006
are all of u for real, its the best sport on the planet. basketball: a bunch of lanky black people throwing a ball into a hole and u cant even tackle each other. just no. soccer: played by small boys that cry if someone flicks them. once again, no.
ice hockey, played by ultra human god-like athletes. it has everything, its fast, physichal and was invented by the british army in canada.
Dan: hey lets go watch the toon match
Sam: fuck u were watchin the warriors game! HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY, RA RA RA!
von supersam 3. März 2006
A game that IS still on televsion and IS dominantly loved by Canadians and Europeans. the reason there was no NHL season in the beginning of 2004 and 2005 is because the NHL is unfortunately run by an AMERICAN!!! wtf is that?!?!? so all the americans that diss this sport and complain about it shut your face, it was awesome with the original teams, and the reason a lot of canadian teams have left is because of rich american bastards. International hockey is still the best, and is dominated by Canadians, Russians and unfortuantly do to the Canadian influence and coaching styles, America is up there too. What were we thinking, thats like giving away a family recipe. Was never invented in England BTW.
Grab a Stick, Go find Ice, bring a puck or ball,
include a net on two sides and bring friends, you have Hockey.
von Methosohtem 18. September 2005
A fast paced, entertaining sport in which all the players have to be skilled and have a high endurance. It's one of the hardest sports to play! That makes me even prouder to be a hocey fan.
Unfortunately, this sport is run by an american who could care less if nobody watches the wonderful game in America. (Hockey isn't broadcasted on ESPN?!)
I don't mean to steriotype amercians, because I know many of them love hockey, but it's ridculously sad what the US is doing to this awesome sport!
Canadian: Did you watch the game last night?!?!

American: No...I couldn't.

Canadian: Oh, that's right. You poor thing, you can't watch because hockey doesn't play on ESPN, the biggest sports channel!!

American: :(

Canadian: I can't imagine how I'd survive...

von Alexiia 7. Mai 2007
The Sport that Owns all! ; a sport that gets you true respect
Tommy (foot fairy): Hey Mark what sport do you play?
Mark: Hockey
(Tommy's thoughts): i better stay the fuck away from that dude.
von Venusaur 6. Dezember 2007
Slang (with other meaning):
The act of playing with any stick-like object by oneself in a bedroom or a small tent, in which the activity may be over an extended period of time and sometimes repeated. Usually takes places alone or at night, and the participant engages in this activity (sometimes regularly) because it gives them a significant amount of pleasure. In some occasions this sport can be played with two or more people either on a team in the same game or separate teams in overlapping games.
My brother pitched a tent in my living room and called it Jack n' Tony's Shack. He played some serious hockey that night, and ended up pitching 5 field goals in his own net and wouldn't pass the puck until we were out of fresh towels.
von JayTK 9. März 2013
The greatest sport in Canada. It is fun to play and watch. If you play hockey and you score, you got this feeling that you're in a place that makes you happy and excited.
I'm watching this amazing hockey game
von Scooooorres 25. Februar 2015
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