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A sudden malnourished feeling; to be awakened by the smell of something so delicious that even a tiny morsel might be satisfying.
Why do I smell eggs and bacon? Now I'm hungry.
von hunger games 17. April 2013
1 1
your bored so you go to the kitchen to eat.
I'm so bored! I wonder am I hungry? meh lets see whats we have to eat
von Kira girl 27. Dezember 2012
0 0
slang for good looking or "fit".
the opposite of which may be "stuffed" or "full".
"mate that girl is well hungry"
"nah mate she's fucking starvin'"
von George G 26. August 2007
9 12
a feeling commonly felt by jessica beaudet
im hungry
von amidtoadss 31. Mai 2009
6 10
A fat bitch; one who eats for sport.
Did you see that hungry bitch with the 7X7 at In n Out?
von samaggie 21. Oktober 2007
5 13
wanting lots of money
man im really hungry , i'm goin to look for a job
von Marcus 5. Juni 2004
15 41