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(noun) Someone's house where friends, associates, or partners gather, in which, there are little or no house rules. The hut welcomes all people, day or night.
The club's closed, let's go to the hut.
von Holly Stevenson 22. Juni 2005
127 59
A lady who gives Head Under a Table (HUT). She is known as a slut. Being a HUT giver is not a good thing.
Yo, that hoe gave me HUT at the cafe.
von Shellfishandpig 25. Januar 2010
69 34
Over; not happening anymore
"Man, it's hut for that party tonight."

"It's hut for the beach tonight, the boys is out."
von stayweirdniggaaaaa 30. Juli 2013
12 6
A "hut" is a hand motion used when someone does something stupid or ignorant. A prime example of a hut is holding your hand like one would in a high five and point that hand at the person or thing that did something stupid. The thumb is pointing upwards and the fingers and pointing towards the target.
Austin: Yo can i have a waterslide down from my room to the pool for my birthday?
Ben: "HUT" (displays the hut motion)

Jeremy: My fantasy football team will score 250 points this weak because of Jamaal Charles
Josh: "Hut" (displays the hut motion)
von Milder Beef Ninja 6. Dezember 2009
28 25
slut and ho combined.. the hottest chicks at HRA
damn, they MUST be a hut cause they are soo fine
von laura 20. Oktober 2004
7 4
Hut is a shortened version of the word "owned." It is common to northern San Diego.
"Man I failed that math test today, I got hut!"
von Shadyjermaine 22. Oktober 2009
25 26
the words hot and humid combined.

it's so hut out here!
von Bets87 8. August 2007
59 62