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One of the Most Amazing Girls you'll ever meet. She is one of the nicest people you know, nobody hates her. Easy to fall in love with. A girl you'll never forget. Every Iris is her own person and you'll never meet another like her. Very trustworthy. Has beautiful eyes and a perfect face surrounding. She's more than just a pretty face.
You: Who's that girl that you've fallen for?
Me: Her name's Iris, I've never known another like her.
von yaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 25. April 2009
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beautiful, honest, popular, poise, sensitive girl;
she is more than meets the eye.
we saw an iris type the other day
she was so stunning
von nick a. johnson 21. April 2008
A very beautiful, angelic girl with a great smile. When with her, you will feel like the most blissful person on Earth. She has the greatest personality and will be there for you whenever you need her.
"That guy looks happy."
"Yeah, his girlfriend must be Iris."
von T3hMan 27. Juli 2009
A very beautiful girl who was sent from the heavens to come and pleasure all the men in this world. she is one who colors the world, and brings happiness to all, with a wild side.
"Wow...that Iris is pretty great, but a little spazmatic."

"Yeah...she colors my world.

"Dang...Iris sure looks hot today. I would so tap that."
von Spuncher 14. Juni 2008
a beautiful girl inside and out. she is extremely complex and mysterious. nobody truly knows her but that is also what makes her so beautiful. she is the most well-liked girl you know and has an abundance of friends and is the most amazing and caring girl you will ever meet. simply talking to her will change your perception of beauty. she reflects the image of the perfect girl and you will feel incomplete without her.
"damn.. this girl i met really changed my life"
"you must be talking about iris"
von jeffery.n 27. Dezember 2009
Iris is a song by Goo Goo Dolls, my personal fave.

Iris is the colorful part of the eye, my personal fave.

Iris is a flower with 3 petals above 3 lower petals, my personal fave.
i seem to like irises
von MizMilenko 9. August 2004
1- A very pretty flower, coming in many different sizes and colours
2- The coloured part of your eye, where all can see deep into your soul
3- The Greek Goddess of Rainbows. She is said to have brought messages to Earth from Olympus.
4- A girl's name. Meaning "heavenly colours"
1- I just grew a bunch of irises in my garden! Don't they look lovely?
2- One eye had a blue iris, and the other had a green iris.
3- "That hippie is so colourful." "Must be a decendant of Iris."
4- Iris is a creative girl that you'll never forget. She's beautiful, and much, much more than meets the eye. (Than meets the iris...heheh...)
von xhelloimtheliex 20. Oktober 2011
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