One of the most trustworthy people in the world, though she might not look it at first sight. A firm individual, a Katie will never follow the crowd. She's proud, confident and cheerful on the outside, but a lot more sensitive underneath. Almost invariably stunningly beautiful, though she will probably never notice. Undeniable likeable, though she'll never see this in herself either. a Katie is the person you can always rely on. She will be serious when she knows she has to, she will listen when you have something to say. She might not be your best friend, but she is the one you won't fight with. If you are lucky enough to be friends with a Katie, don't lose her. She's the one friend you'll never regret.
Person One: Hey, you don't look too good

Person Two: There's something I need to talk about but...

Person One: Go talk to Katie. She'll help you.
von Midnight Firefly 27. Mai 2013
A kind loving girl who is amazeballs. She is genuinly amazing and is full of beauty. Has an extraordinary singing voice. Tells 'hilarious' jokes. Can keep secrets as she is sooooooo trustworthy. Has a stalker side lol. You will love her. She is smart kind caring. Quite posh. You would never want to lose a katie. she is modest and is just a gd friend to have.
Me: omg dont u just love katie!!
Friend: yeah shes the best. Wish i was a katie!!
Me: dont we all!!
Katie: aww thanks but thats not true
me and friend: yes it is xx
von selmastic 24. März 2013
The most amazing person ever. Dosent always do that right thing but whatever she does makes you laugh. Rather good at "pleasing" guys and does a fuckin good job at it. often is a lemonhead(blond) and is really funny and hot. Katies are the most people to be around
Oh my goodness she looks like a katie!
von KT LemonHead 10. November 2009
A short, stout, terrifying & disgusting piece of shit beast who photoshops &/or posts air-brushed "modeling" photos of herself all over the internet. Depending on the drug she's on, she's 125-140 lbs. Her gut is very loose & flabby due to her having kids at 12 yrs old. Quite scary, this thing's a smelly hog that'll take whatever she can & take off to the next victim. The "story" goes, she needed an alias as her drug-addicted ex-boyfriend's now out of jail & most likely looking for her, though she'll blame her new name on her "modeling career". She lied to police & the court to get out of doing her own sentence. She'll tell you that she's gay, bi, straight, This girl's out of her fucking mind & needs to be strapped in a padded cell. She's a psychotic, sociopath ; she's either on medication or needs to be. She'll do any drug you offer her. She's completely delusional & egotistical. Be careful not to confront her with what you’ve discovered about her or with the above mentioned WITHOUT an experienced psychiatrist handy. She tends to go into fits of uncontrollable rage, over-the-top crying or flat out playing the “I’m the victim & no one understands me or no one cares” card. Everyone who's tried to help this gorgon has gotten pissed on by her. Again be careful, she IS out of control. Lastly, her photos were as easy to get as her post-pregnant pussy & rancid old baloney gut are. God Bless photo-enhancement lest we'd turn into stone!
Question: "How can Natalia KNAJ (aka) Katherine Arsenault Jarvis "Katie" describe herself as 'friendly' when she has no real friends or family?"

Answer: "Years of drug use & alcohol abuse, dissociative personality, smelly sluttiness, warped sense of self, low self-esteem, bad hygiene, an 80 year old woman's stomach, skull like a horse, enlarged nostrils, a mouth like a pussy with herpes, flaky, pushing 30 & thinks she's model material, thinks she can fool everyone, worthless, useless, disgusting, compulsive lying, delusional, pretending to look for approval & takes off when she can't use someone. Did that about cover it?"

What the fuck is wrong with you?

There is NO FUCKING truth to that.

Unless you're talking about yourself fuckwit.

Maybe you need to take a cold shower and wake the fuck up.

You're sick
You are beyond fucked up
Get this fucking straight

You better watch it.
von love_maiden 7. August 2014
A loving person that makes you smile. Shes a beautiful girl that cares about other people. Also she loves gingers.
Its Katie the coolest girl I know.
von Katiesboyfriend 5. Mai 2011
A very very pretty and kind person. Always makes your day and makes you smile. Her eyes are as blue as the carribean sea. There is no one that doesnt like katie. Her hair is always... always perfect. ALWAYS.
WOW katie, you look amazing today... as always ;)
von Rittzz Jates 20. April 2011
Someone with a great ass.
Bjorn: Man, that woman is a real Katie.
Steve: I have never heard that term used before...
von OptimusPrime 4. März 2012

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