laughing out loud with a southern drawl.
LAWLZ thats so funny!
von swuswu 22. April 2003
a word that basically butchers the acronym "lol"
and should never be said in public or online
the "z" only adds gayness
retard: lawlz
me: stfu bitch
#zomg #lol #lawl #gay #noob
von xDxDxD 19. Juni 2006
It means LOL! It's just a fabulous way to spell LOL!
Person 1: Watch this awesome video of this kitten! It's so funny :D

Person 2: LAWLZZZ! Yes it is!
#lol #lawlz #lel #lolz #lul #lulz
von I'm just some crazy Dahvie fan 28. August 2015
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