its the best city in the whole fucking World its located in the county of Los Angeles heavily populated by down ass Mexicans and surenos not crips and mayateshome to one of the most dangerous gangs in the nation the East Side Longo sur 13 gang
Snop Dogg and other rappers have made Long Beach famous but that dont mean that its taken by cripos or mayates us south side Mexicans run this place since the beggining
von Ese Stranger 9. Dezember 2004
Top Definition
A big city in Southern California that's in the county of L.A. that consists of 2 popular sides, the east and the north side.
Yo did you see Snoop Dogg shot his video "Who Am I(What's My Name)" back in 1993 on The V.I.P roof in Long Beach?
von Jon Taing 4. Juni 2005
Without a doubt the sweetest city in the World! Long Beach is in Los Angeles County and it by far exceeds it's reputation....People born and raised in Long Beach are the Best People I have ever met....
Where are you From?
I'm from the dope ass town of Long Beach!
#cool #home #love #crazy #diverse
von bonners 10. Juli 2008
The best town in the world where everyone knows everyone and their business. A lot of people are bitches and douchebags, but the most people just want to have fun in life and dont care what anyone else thinks. Teachers tend to hate on people from Long beach, but we don't care because we know we are awesome. Our beach is the best in the world and we hate tourists because they are the stupid ones that the lifeguards are normally saving. if you want to have a good time come to long beach. the police never catch people drinking so most people drink throughout their high school career especially under the boardwalk every weekend. Although during the winter long beach is very boring, we always find a way to have fun. The west end has a bunch of shops and bars and the east end is mainly houses and is where nicer houses are located because the west end is mainly bungalows.
Hey lets go to Long Beach on Friday.

Did you see the waves in Long Beach last weekend?
#long beach #beach #west end #new york #hate tourists
von long beach native 11. November 2009
A cheap type of terrible tasting tobacco smoke brand in Australia, most common amongst 'bogans'.
Arghhh, why did I have to spend all my money on grog.. again, guess ill have a pack of longbeaches
#long #beach #longbeach #smoke #cigarette #tobacco
von Master-Colac 17. Juni 2010
a great town in NY where everyone knows eachother and alot of people are friends. So basically LB is f****** awesome.
awesome guy: ju eva go to long beach?
stupid guy: No long beach sucks
awesome guy: o_o
#awesome #nice #boobs #stuff #sex
von Mr.Shaba-laba-ding-dong 18. November 2011
Long Beach, New York is a really chill town with cool kids. Everyone knows basically everyone. There are surfers, skaters, preps, and lacrosse heads. Most kids start drinking and smoking weed in the 7th-9th grade. Its pretty isolated from the rest of long island so there arent so many out-of-towners partying with the rest of us. People usually dont make plans, instead you can just walk around to find people and that would be who you hang out with, whether you like them or not. A lot of the kids go to catholic schools but still hang out with the public school kids. The high school in long beach looks like a prison from the outside and it air conditioned so that your always cold. there are two deans that will probably be there until the world ends, ms.palmer and ms. butler. everyone hates the freshman no matter how cute they are, and only the cool sophmores, juniors, and seniors hang out with eachother, all of the others just hang out in their own group. the surf in long beach is pretty good but even long beach native prefer the beaches in lido beach, or jones beach. on the island of long beach there's point lookout, which is just like long beach except even more isolated, lido beach the more wealthy part of long beach, the east end, the place to be during the winter because of its larger houses to fit more people, west end home, which is basically the middle of nowhere, the west end which is where the famous irish day parade taakes place, probably the best place for drinking and hanging out, and atlantic beach
long beach's swim team is a lot better than garden city's.
#surf #chill #sunny #small #back
von la playa larga 26. Dezember 2008
The trash-hole of the south. Right next to Gulfport, MS, full of skanks and potheads. Never date a girl from Long Beach. It would most definitely be the biggest mistake of your life.
1:Dude, let's go to Long Beach and smoke a joint with Brandon.

2:Hell no! We might just catch a disease just being in Long Beach. tell that fucker to catch a ride over here.
#long beach #gulfport #biloxi #pass chrisstian #mississippi
von Former Long Beach Resident 15. April 2010
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