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A mansion is a generaly a big house. People like Hugh Hefner can afford to have and live in a mansion.
Come to the mansion for the next party
von Alex Panzer 9. Juli 2005
A Huge Fuckin' House
Thats one huge fuckin' house!
von Aaron 24. Januar 2003
Being strong and independent; Being able to stand on your own.
Kate Nash's Mansion Song:

"I am a mansion, I am a mansion, I won't take none of your shit!"
von surewhynot 15. November 2011
A big House generaly lived in by Rich peepz and toffs
Woah, That Jenny lives in a fuckin huge Mansion!!!!!
von VikkinDave 7. Januar 2009
Villa. Big House of Rappers.
Thug mansion) Ain't no place I'd rather be
The only place that's right for me
In a chromed out mansion in paradise
In the sky
Tupac Shakur "Thugz Mansion"
von MC Archi 24. Januar 2004