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someone who has sex with people for money.
"Lee mans is such a manhore"
von lee sux 2. März 2005
19 71
One who tells weman what thay want to here to get in there pants
Charles H is the biggest man-whore who loves fucking for food
von pussy bandit 6. Juni 2007
13 66
like a slag only a bloke
von bob 27. September 2003
21 74
Miranda!...ugly dirty slore
cuz Miranda is a fatass hoe who always has a camel toe
von um... 9. Februar 2005
4 58
A gigalo, player, or ladies man.
Too Short, Deuce Bigalow, or Hugh Heffner.
von Rog 29. September 2003
34 88
: a male who engages in sexual acts for money
my dad
von MaNiAc MiKe 10. April 2003
23 78
Not quite a player...but someone who insists on constantly being around women. Instead of going for sex there goal is to get halfway towards a g/f and then stop. Commonly metrosexuals.
(Looking at a guy getting a back rub from another girl, but now real action)
Dave is such a man-whore.
von Jess 27. Dezember 2003
59 116