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A powerful program, yes, but one that drives one to put bullets into thy head. A popular engineering tool to graph and calculate hard shit.
Dude, I gotta go do my work on maple.
Dude, If I were you, I would rather gauge my own eyeballs out.
von gmoney 16. September 2004
76 28
someone super sweet
You're so maple!
von rosygal4ever 25. Oktober 2010
44 10
short for maplestoryseriously
ima go play maple!
von nizuki 27. Dezember 2008
42 26
Definite fag, usually has shaved head and mexican wife.
Wow that guy really is a maples.
von George Franklin 4. Mai 2007
37 34
A derogative term used to identify one who hails from Canada, specifically those from non-french speaking regions.
You better keep one eye on those damn maples at all times, they have sticky fingers.
von Tony Jones IV 6. Februar 2011
8 8
When team canada has a spot for a medal position, but ends up missing it and not getting anything.
Did you see that athlete have a shot at 1st, he mapled and got 4th.
von drockd 22. Februar 2010
13 14
A Canadian person who is a complete and utter jackass, a liar.
The guy is a total maple.
von seriouslyonlyme 11. April 2009
17 28