Another word for homo or fag
That teacher is such a Mo'.
von Derek Vinyard 15. September 2005
A word I use to substitute for "moment."
"How are you doing?"
"At the mo' I seem to be fine."
von Amish-Guy 18. August 2005
Make Out
Did ya mo?
von T4's 7. Oktober 2003
Abbreviation for Moustache
1 - Hey, man, I'll bet the chicks love your mo'
2 - Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite had a cool mo'
#soup strainer #caterpillar #hairy top lip #pussy tickler #peach fuzz
von wacky_d 13. Januar 2006
An idiot or stupid person, short for "moron".
"Did you just fall over for no reason? What a mo'."
#noob #'tard #newbie #idiot #dumbass
von Sloppy JoeH 6. Dezember 2007
When a person says no, while trying to speak with their mouth full of food.
"Do you want more pizza?"
#yes #nope #no #food #speech #manners #right #wrong
von The4ofSpades 30. November 2014
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