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nickname for Mobile, Alabama
back down, I was raised in Mob-town
von tbird72 1. Mai 2006
a ghetto city in Alabama home of rappers rich boy, the last mr.bigg and c-nile.Also known for mardi gras, seafood,the senior bowl, fried food,Jake Peavy and Jamarcus Russell and saying folk after every word.
Person 1: Where u from?
Person 2: Big Bama
Person 1: What part?
Person 2: Im from dat Mob-Town.
von daboss251 17. Juni 2008
Mobile, AL
Gina: where are you going?
Larry: Mob' Town
Gina: You're going to Mobile?
Larry: Yeah then we are headed out to P'Cola
von Pimpy Mac G1 29. August 2008
a nickname for Baltimore Maryland
I'm from mobtown bitch!
von Display_Name 31. Dezember 2006
Mob Town is Baltimore, Maryland.
Guy 1: where you from boi?
Guy 2: I be from Mob Town.
Guy 1: Baltimore?
Guy 2: Thats what i said isnt it?
von manaple 19. April 2008