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New Jersey slang, meaning Ecstasy pill.
Person A: I was up off them mookas last night!
Person B: That's whats up.
von incises0ul 26. Juni 2010
Dark skinned person of African descent, whom is hard to understand in general conversation.
"Mooka! What's your 40 time?"
von Zachariah060 24. Juni 2008
Random word to say randomly, or marah-jew-annah.
MOOKA!!! Got any mooka?
von alien3456 28. Februar 2004
general marijuana.
wanna smoke some mooka?
von blahjokey 23. März 2009
my skateboard team name
a dance people do in their boxers by pelvic thrusting and making thier package bounce up and down.
lets smoke the mooka

mooka skateboards are cool

im doing the mooka dance
von mookamooka 30. Juli 2004