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adjective - someone who fails in an attempt to be street/gangster/fly. They try, but execution lets them down. Particuarly applicable to white females who seem to think that they are pretty Gangster.
Wooly gloves with "Safe Blud" sewn onto the fingers - what a mullins
von the notorious P.A.G. 30. Dezember 2009
To repeatedly call someone until they pick up, or get so frustrated that they won't even talk to you until the next day.
Yo Dedo, Pats pulling a mullins on you.
von TheRage 2. April 2007
(Origin French) A miller. 'De Moulin,' from the mill. Believed to be a Norman name.

A nickname.
Mullins attacked the little orphans who were waiting for adoption papers.
von Johnny Cunt Dodger 22. Oktober 2006
aka Hypos Bitch
See... mullins Machine
von Sic Died Sun 26. Mai 2005