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To be badly defeated at something
I got murked by that dude in the race. His car is like 100mph faster than mine.
von Logik 21. Juni 2004
729 274
To murk = to kill
To get murked = to be killed
Damn Leon got murked!
Im gon' murk that nigga Leon!
von Stealonu 29. April 2003
528 316
The African American bastardization of the word murdered.
Nigga yo ass just got murked!
von I voted for that colored man 29. März 2011
269 146
comes from "merc" (pronounced "murk") short for mercenary.

To be killed, murdered, or otherwise mercilessly and overwhelmingly defeated or put down. (well executed and without struggle, the way a pro mercenary would do it.)

Became popular in early 2000's. Also spelled "merc", "merk", and "merked."
"He murked that quarterback! No mercy. He ain't getting up from that one."

"Did you see that fight? He murked that boy with one hit!"

"Don't even think of challenging him, man. He'll murk you before you can even reload. You got no chance."
von sunadajae 23. Januar 2014
4 2
to kill, or to murder someone
gangsta 1- hey shawty u hear bout that nigga Tarome

gangsta 2- hell yea my folk murked his ass last night
von Lil Tripp 1. Februar 2008
76 81
To be at a disadvantage in any concourse of competition that pertains to self preservation and come out victorious by either killing or eluding. A derivative of the term merc which doesn't necessarily focus on status classification but instead identifies the primitive emotions and personality of survival that one must undertake to win.
3 on 1 and you still lost? You all got fuckin murked.
von roushie 8. September 2008
6 16
To be assaulted, injured or attacked by someone in a thuggish manor. Used amongst Chavs in England
Chav: Oi, fuk u man, u startin?!
Victim: No
Chav: Look at him ladz hes shittin himself you iz gonna get murked
von Soothy 7. August 2008
11 21