A state in the south-central US that has the following qualities.
1. Watered down beer that is at 3.0%
2. Towns such as Tulsa that are Ghetto
3. A crappy university called OU that gets pwn3d by Texas
4. An average income that would make Phillipino sweat shops cry
5. State Troopers that harass people from other states.
6. TPT (see trailer park trash)
7. A resteraunt called the frying pan that will clog your arteries in one sitting.
8. More mullets than anywhere else in the world.
I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma the other day, and a mullet sporting guy attempted to grope my testicles in the parking lot of the Frying pan. That guy must have been drinking two cases of beer!
von Th31337P0st3r 18. Mai 2007
Where the majority of the rednecks in the south reside. People in Oklahoma tend to deny the fact that they are hillbillies.
Oklahoma the highest concentration of trailor parks for its land mass than any other U.S. state.
von Grazii 21. Dezember 2004
Texas with the treach.

If Oklahoma was a person, it'd be a rubber-faced mongoloid drooling and mooing and eating its own shit and trying to convince the world that it is as good as normal people.
I thought Texas was a piece of shit until I visited Oklahoma.
von Ben Lynch 27. Februar 2005
A place fille with rednecks. It's pretty much Texas only smaller and with far less people. Iv'e been to most of the 50 states and Oklahoma isn't much different from any other central southern state, its got it's good and bad points, the bad being the rednecks, the good being you can get the best barbeque in the country there and in texas. People there need to recognize that they are country boys. I'm a New Yorker and even with NY's problems, I recognize that I am one, not deny it. same way that Californians are lazy liberals and need to recognize it. Oklahomans, if you want to be sophisticated city slickers, then move to Boston or NY or something!
Oklahoman: Us good ol boys with our pickups and beer n guns are so-phisticated!
New Yorker: No your not. Get over it. If you want to be sophisticated come up north and live the city life. If you want to stay a country boy stay there.
Californian: Up with abortion and gay marriage, dude!
(Note: I am not saying it is bad to be a country boy, that is a fine lifestyle for those who prefer it. Same goes to the california valley girls and surfers, if thats the way you want to live that is fine, those ways are as good as my way, but I'm just saying you cant live in a trailer in Oklahoma and drive a 1959 Ford pickup and be sophisticated.)
A lame state to the north of the great state of Texas filled with jealous assholes whos only argument is there football team is better. Their school (OU) isnt ranked in the top 100 schools while Texas is ranked 15th in the world. So while you have a better football team we are getitng a better education. I lived in Lawton Oklahoma and that place was pretty shitty like the rest of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has no city that even comes close to Austin. Norman is just a crappy small ass hicktown with jack shit to do.
Oklahoma is a pile of crap.
Texas is far greater than Oklahoma.
von Eric 20. Dezember 2004
1) Worthless waste land somewhere between Texas and the North Pole. Often used as a substitute for the word "Egypt" in the phrase "bum-f*king-Egypt&qu ot; referring to a place far away from any civilization.
2) Same thing as Texas, only with much smaller penises.
3) Cultural backwater of the Universe. Everything closes at 9pm, and the only thing to do is go to work or get drunk (not necessarily in that order.)
4) One of the few states lacking ability to recruit or keep a serious major league sports team, with the exception of the Hornets, but only by default from hurricane Katrina.
5) A place where people dress up in their finest boots and shirts to drive 30 miles to the next town and shop Wal-Mart.
6) A state whose idea of "art" is badly-made cowboy paintings for sale at truck-stops.
7) A place where employers still have a depression-era mentality thinking you should be glad to have your job being paid less than a third of what anyone else in the country makes for doing the same thing.
8) A place where football is God, and everything stands still for two or three hours every Saturday afternoon in the Fall when college teams play.
9) A place where bar women are so ugly that making them look better takes two fifths instead of one.
10) People who have Texas-envy.
11) People who drive to Gainesville Texas so they can skip out on paying Oklahoma State Sales taxes.
12) People who drive eight hours to buy porno in Dallas because it actually has penetrated women in it.
13) A state that sells liquor, lottery tickets, and horse betting but refused until recently to let people get tatoos.
14) A state where the main city raises sales taxes to build a worthless boat canal to nowhere downtown while the schools are rotting and kids have no textbooks.
15) A state where the local jails beat the crap out of more people than the Federal pen does.
16) A state whose small towns gain the majority of revenues from bogus traffic tickets, while their high-schools drown in a sea of drugs.
17) A state where people still mail-order clothes from Sears Roebuck.
18) A state whose banks are so corrupt and in debt they have to sell out to bigger banks from Texas, and then flee to resorts in Florida.
It's not like I came from bum-f*ing-oklahoma....
von harry perinards 17. Oktober 2006
A stated filled with flaming penis envying homos who have nothing nice to say about their state only lame attempts to diss on the greater state of Texas. This is obvious in the fact that all the Sooner idiots can do is take the Texas hook-em sign and turn it upside down. That is how uncreative and retarded this penis envying state is. Nothing good has ever came out of Oklahoma. OUs basketball team is a piece of shit and so is the rest of their athletics department. OUs football team is over-ranked. Remember last year when they got beat by Kansas State for the Big 12 title hahaha. Or who could forget the time they choked and blew it against LSU.
I wish I could leave Oklahoma sooner, so I could move to a more populus, creative, and productive state such as Texas.

Wow our school at Oklahoma sucks balls. All we got is a decent football team that is going to lose to USC. I wish I was going to a school that provided me with a better education and more opportunities in the future like that great school called the University of Texas.
von narf 20. Dezember 2004

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