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When a person flips up their shirt collar upwards. This created a new trend which can consist of not ONE, but TWO, THREE, FOUR, OR EVEN FIVE polo shirts with popped collars worn at the same time to complement each other's colors. Many times looks ridiculously stupid and gay. Most preps who wear abercrombie and shit like that prefer to "pop" their collar. Abercrombie and such prep brands promote the popped collar by advertising their polo shirts with turned collars.
"Damn i'm sweating, dude. And it's only 42 degrees!"

"That's cause you're wearing seven fucking shirts with the collars all popped up, you trend following bitch."
von Abner Crombie N. Fitch 5. April 2005
When one flips up the collar to the upright position on their polo shirt. From the arabic: popaeus collarus meaning flamboyantly gay. Usually the collar is popped on decidedly feminine pink polos with little alligators on the front. Usually worn by frat bros or UVA students who think they are pimpin', but really look outwardly gay.
People who pop the collar are rich metrosexual fags!
von Todd Wiseman 8. Dezember 2004
A post-play celebration used in both American Football and soccer (futbol). In the American game, is it usually performed by a defender after a resounding hit while the hittee is still on the ground. In soccer, it is often used in conjunction with other post-goal celebrations.

The NFL and NCAA have basically put a stop to it by penalizing any player that does it. It is also one of the celebration animations found in EA Sports' NCAA Football 2005. As in real-life, you risk a penalty flag if you perform it.
After a big goal-line hit, a player will often pop the collar by putting their hands near the front of their shoulder pads and make a lifting motion. In response, the refs will happily lift the flag out of their back pockets.
von Trendon 16. November 2005
When you pop the collar on polo shirts (often layered) trying to look cool, but end up looking like a rich fratboy douchebag.
Fratboy: Look how hot I look!
Girl: You're wearing eight polos at once with all the collars popped.
Fratboy: I know! You want to do me right now, don't you?
Girl: No, you look like a douchebag. Go change into one shirt, idiot, and don't pop the collar.
von Fire Pixie 16. November 2005
In order to protect yourself from a vampire, the cross or crucifix was thought to be very powerful in the Christian countries. However, recent discoveries have shown that one may "pop the collar" to protect the vulnerable neck area which is often the location a vampire will leave their definitive "vampire's kiss".
Oh shit a vampire! I guess ima pop the collar.
von Van Helsing 25. Oktober 2007
To pull on the collar of a polo shirt to where it is up and outward of the shirt. A growing trend overly used by the general public today. I don't mind if people do it, but personally I think it is rather stupid.
"Save your collar, pop a cherry!"
Don't pop the collar.
von George Woodard 5. August 2006
To escape from police custody. Comes from the colloquial "collaring," or arresting, of a criminal. i.e., criminals who are caught are said to be "collared." Thus, to "pop" the collar is to break free of it, or to escape.
The police tried to arrest Jimmy last night. He had to pop the collar and hide out at my house.
von jake christie 22. Juli 2006
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