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"Are you going to Cantina?"
von casey 2. Juli 2003
46 19
A short form of the word "possibly", as this word has far too many syllables.

Note: Do not use as a short form for "possible", or you will sound like a bitchass.
Jimmy: Did you poke that girl in the ass?
Mark: Poss....
von stokes 17. November 2005
37 9
"You going to the Hot Block party tonight?"
von caso' 8. Juli 2003
46 24
Amol's default response given when he really means no.(but maybe he'll try)
Yooo...soo lets chill tonight?

von I'm Just Okay? 11. April 2006
13 8
pawss n. human orifice, from OE posse, meaning bag or sack, or pocket. May be used to refer to vagina, rectum, or mouth, in the same way as the word "hole". Used primarily as a suffix, as in hogposs (rectum), or dongposs (vagina or mouth).
Shove it in your hogposs, you fat bitch.
von Hal Jackson 2. April 2012
4 3
Cool, Chill, Rad, Dope, Awsome...
Short for the word "Positive"
Dude #1: Dude, that concert last night was poss!
Dude #2: I know dude, absolutely poss.
von L.J. Kappas 26. August 2006
15 15
to kick/hit really hard
i just possed that guy good!
von hardcore tomas 4. Januar 2007
12 15