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To the students: an excuse for horny young teenagers to get together for a night of drinking, fornication and promiscuity, how romantic!

To business: a corporate-controlled/ promoted high school "institution" that makes the dress shops, hairdressers, flowershops, limo companies, suit rental places, etc more wealthy.

To the students who don't get to go: a lifelong regret, an occasion that fat chicks can not get a date for.Makes more people unhappy than any one other thing in highschool...
I borrowed Dad's car, then spent $400 on renting a suit, buying flowers, tickets to the prom, some liquor and a locket on a chain for her. Oh, and condoms. She bought a dress, got her hair and 20 nails done, bought shoes,tear-off underwear,a purse, and got a horrendous period an hour before midnight.
So she gave me a blowjob just like any other date, and she's still a virgin.
von Jake 3. Februar 2004
Another name for prostitution...
I certainly spent $600 for those flower and the limo, but I finally got laid with cindy
von Drow 4. Februar 2003
Something Your future employers are not going to ask you about or care about.
Human Resources Person: "So, what sort of experience do have for this job?"

Trendoid Preppyuppie Throwback: "Well, I went to my senior prom in a stretch limo that cost my father...."

Human Resources Person: "Uh, that's not what I asked you. Do you or do you not have experience? Hmmmm?"

Trendoid Preppyuppie Throwback: "Well, father's rich and I dated a cheerleader and....did I mention I went to the prom?"

Human Resources Person: "NEXT!!"
von Carl J. Maltese 10. Mai 2007
1) Prom in the USA is a big event at the end of the last year at school. The general idea for most students is to get as drunk as possible and lose your virginity, possibly, but not necessarily, to the person who is your date. Anyone who is going to be able to handle the real world will either hate the prom or just won't go.

2) In the UK prom is a similar event, but much lower-scale; ie. held in the school or a nasty village hall in the middle of nowhere. The basic principle is the same: terrible music, a shoddy yearbook, cool kids being even more horrible and shallow than usual and humiliation for the lame kids. if you have any intentions of losing your virginity after the UK prom, you are very much mistaken. The likelyhood is that you either go with a friend of the opposite sex because neither of you could get a real date, or you get a real date who ends up leaving with your slutty friend. The food gives you diarrhea, or you puke from too much cheap alcohol, or (if you are a girl) you will get your period and everyone will see. The night ends with an after party usually, where somebody's house gets trashed- if anyone is going to lose their virginity at all, it'll happen here. Classy.
1) OMG, I like sooo can't wait until prom night!

2)Cool kid: Urgh, do you seriously think he's gonna want to go to prom with you?
Lame kid: No. Hence me not going, seeing as you're just going to have sex with him to spite me anyway.
von gembird 22. November 2006
A night that is liberal, sexy, horny, and a good way to get laid legally, which I couldn't get a girl to go with me so I really didn't experience it.
Hmm well I couldn't get a girlfriend to go to the prom with so my hand will work just as fine plus its a lot cheaper too ^_^
von The Dalai Llama 13. September 2003
A high school dance which is often viewed as a defining moment in people's lives. Unfortunately for the prom king and queen, the actual defining moment is usually the reverse of what really happens.
At my high school, the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader were prom king and queen. Ten years later, the prom queen now weighs 300 pounds, has ten kids and is on welfare, the prom king is a delivery driver for Home Depot, and the guy he used to stuff in the locker, who didn't even go to prom, made a million bucks off some MMORPG he concocted right out of high school, lives in Beverly Hills and is banging a starlet.
von Doki Doki Attack! 19. Oktober 2009
A corperate controlled and promoted high school "institution." The corperations really benifit from the money you spend on the prom, not you school. Save your money, and your life, and stay home that night.
von Disco Stu 25. September 2003
A formal dance in highschool where guys spend a lot of money and take a girl somewhere nice to eat and have to come up with a creative way to ask a girl out. For example: over urban dictionary.
Caleb: Man I wish I could think of a way to ask Lesli to prom

Lesli, will you be my date for prom 2010?
von Blazer92 15. März 2010

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