3 degrees less than fatty
Baggy is now very pudgy
von A Nonny Mouse 2 23. März 2010
Top Definition
Sexy Fat ; fat that is attractive ; just the right amount of fat
you're not fat, you're Pudgy, and I like Pudgy
von Fox Ferret 20. Februar 2011
To be slightly large or stick out.
Tanner has a pudgy stomach.
von Nazi Halo12889 21. Februar 2005
shorty with cute pudge
cute asian babies have pudgy rice bellies
von JDOO 9. Februar 2011
when you wrap a male/female fat role around your dick and fuck it until you ejaculate.
James Moreno gave out Pudgys for lunch money.
von JoshCarlson1 22. Oktober 2015
To take a large shit. Imagine shitting the german boy from Willy Wonka.
Shit man, I gotta get home and take a pudgy.
von acemaverick1381 19. April 2011
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