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filipino term for vagina
hugasan mo ang puki mo!!!
wash your vagina!!
von mandy 26. August 2003
Tagalog slang for "vagina".
Mabaho ang puki ni Ekasel!
von Anthony d Half PiN0Y! 28. August 2006
Ari ng babae
Masarap kainin ang puki ni Rose sabi Crispin
von Cripin 4. Oktober 2003
A type of dessert eaten before the main intercouse.
I would like to eat you puki before I pound it.
von wikidwrx 18. März 2004
In spanish, the fucking best.
Esta hierba está de pukis.

This cannabis is pukis.
von chumino 20. September 2010
Malay slang (insultation) for girl, especially by Malaysian gays
Kau buat apa tu, puki? (What are you doing, girl?)
von hash 23. Januar 2004