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Documentation or proof of total victory, such as a screenshot of a game being totally dominated.
Check out my PWNOGRAPHY collection, beeatch! 99 jpgs, all supreme victories!
von jaquio99 3. November 2003
72 10
Pictures/Videos of people getting pwned (Owned)
Izaak wont stop watching counter-strike pwnography
von Alex.P 8. Februar 2007
29 7
Top notch Pornography that pwns all other pronography.
The virgin's pussy got wet from watching the pwnography with her internet connection.
von PwnedBitchhaha 6. April 2010
5 7
video footage of anybody or anything pwning someone or something else.
The boy was stuck on a level so he went to find some pwnography to help him out.
von Shocktavio 30. Januar 2008
8 10
a word in which someone watches another person pwn the other and then repeats the action to another person.
Guy 1: hey guess what i was watching.
Guy 2: what?
Guy 1: pwnography and you just got pwnd bitch!
von a charlesy person 16. Januar 2011
2 5