(N.) A Ratchet Ass Old Hoe, Whos Cuntswaylow & Has Huge Titties that she never knows when to put them away. Usually from the one goes in me, two come outta me tribe. Could be seen at Pride with no top, eating cheeseburger slammers from the "Me So Hungry" wagon, taking photos with MORE TOE & a FourLoKo in hand. Rachel's can also be seen at wild & crazy after hour bon fire parties with grand pa pas, and pushing friends in wheelbarrows. If you attempt to approach a Rachel at a bar, be aware of her ginormous knockers, they could just knock you the fuck out!!!! Although Rachel seems a little rough around the edges, she's actually good hearted and down to earth. And would most likely give you the shirt off her back.
1. "Man, How'd you get that shiner?" "Oh, her names Rachel."

2. "Hey what about Rachel last night?!?!?!" "I know, Wasn't she a pal!!!!"

3. "Excuse me, ma'am? You're in a public place, Can you put those away?" "Don't you know who I am, I'm Rachel!!!"

4. Dang, I wish I was friends with Rachel, she looks like a lot of fun!!!!!

5. "Hey nice shirt!!" "I know, Rachel gave it to me" "Well what's she wearing" "Your lookin at em!!!"

Ratchet old hoe tatas Ginormous cheeseburger wheelbarrow bar Beware
von TRUE FRIENDS 21. September 2013
Tends to not wear pants as much as they should be worn. AKA no pants mans
Hey guys, it's april, wheres rachel?
Yeah where's no pants mans?!
von the gremlin number one 13. Juli 2012
she love boys called brad, who often says she has motivation and she wants to prove she can do something, nobody knows what it is but this was written in tai ancient artifacts. she has brown hair and is a keen historian
"omg that brad guy is so hot"

"just wait for a rachel, she will call dibs on him"
von doggydog93 9. November 2011
a ghetto fabulous chick who spends all of her time stalking a skinny white kid on tumblr
girl1: what is she doing?
girl2: stalking d34n
girl1: what a rachel.
von taybayy 18. Juni 2011
a smart ass
a person who thinks she is on top of the world.
Did you hear that Rachel?
ya she is such a snob
von john winson 8. Mai 2013
Rachel Sojka is a disgusting fat bitch in mactown. She will only be your friend if she wants something, then when shes done she'll send her little fat mexican bitch to beat you up. Haha Shes a total fatass and nobody will date her.
Omg i was friends with a total rachel sojka then she stole all my friends and sent her bitch to "hurt" me
von Backstabbed and suicidal 16. März 2013
she is a sexy ass ginger that knows how tohave fun. i mean she is just pure sexiness. ass.ass.ass.ass.ass.ass. stop now make that motherf*cker hammer time.
DAMN! that is some ginger.. she is a rachel!!
von butterlover(; 29. November 2011
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