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usually said by drug dealers, or people who are really into a particular drug. when they are running low they "re-up" the stash.
i just smoked my last L now i gotta re-up with some fresh shit.
von deenie 18. Juni 2004
866 227
To go out and replenish your drug supply.
"We've only got a little bud left, but we're about to go re up."
von Jesus 2. November 2003
632 68
1. A term used in the drug culture to restock on supplies.

2. A sick downtempo magazine growing out of San Diego, Ca covering graphic design, art, downtempo and experimental music.
Buyer: Hey man you holding?
Seller: Nah man i am waiting to "reup"!

Yo kid have you subscribed yet to ReUp? That ish is ill!
von Oramas 29. März 2005
513 114
to get more drugs
i just sold my last zone time 2 re-up
von Dirty-G 5. Oktober 2003
491 178
to get some more of, to stock up on, to expand.
Damn, this is my last bag i got to RE-UP.

I got to RE-UP on bitches
von Rickey G 14. Dezember 2003
469 237
to purchase a drug so that you can sell
no dude i'm dry, about to re-up in a bit though
von dude1 29. Oktober 2003
291 113
most people think re-ing up can be used to define your own supply but its actually only for those dealers who are below the "head hancho". They have to go to their supplier to get more.
"Naw, I aint got that right now. Hit me up in 15 cuz ima re up."
von TyffNi Leneá 10. Dezember 2006
211 97