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what the fuck?
when playing a new card game, one would say "schwaa" when they dont understand what the hell is going on
von megan 10. Januar 2004
26 8

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What the F*ck?!
What the hell?
Girl 1: Did you see Becky's hair?
Girl 2: No, why?
Girl 1: It's lime green with yellow highlights
Girl 2: Schwaa???
von DizziKatz 21. Februar 2008
10 2
aka WOOOOO HOOOOO, a super happy, quasi-confused, somewhat meaningless fun expression
Like when you're throwing a frisbee, you say "Schwaa!!!"
von Arabian100 10. Mai 2005
13 14
A knacker in Fingus trying to be cool
When a knacker goes up to another knacker, and to act like hard ass hey will scream "SCHWAA", like any animal in the wild trying to act scary, or fend off threats
von Parnell Street Bum 7. Dezember 2007
3 6