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One of the best Chicano Rap Artists from the Westcoast.
He is one serio vato. Serio is one of the best chicano rappers I know. Nightmares Turned Into Reality from Califas 2 Washifas
von Jonathan Perez 27. Dezember 2007
914 85
spanish for serious
boy: Quiero los zapatos azules.

girl: serio?!?!?!?!?
von 662614 22. September 2009
98 124
Means the same as "serious"
"Are you serious?" becomes "Serio?"
von Starry 8. Dezember 2004
86 126
For reals , Is that so. Telling me the truth. Seriously
I'm Serio, I want to go to that party tonight
von Katrina 16. November 2004
72 126
Pronounced: Se-Ree-O, the 'se' part is elongated, said with an arched brow and tilting the head back.

Meaning(s): 'is that so'; 'are you serious'
Girl: I wanna get some hubcap spinners for my focus
Guy: Serio
Girl: =\
von SaraZ 3. Mai 2005
66 126
the state or action of complete domination of the competition.

"Jeff completely serioed the other team's defense by scoring three touchdowns"
von Edinburgh984 8. März 2009
63 129
internet abbreviation for the word serious, usually used in combination with "r u" or "u canot be"
OMG WTF I AM SO SERIOS whine whine
von Occupant Ilied Industries 2. Mai 2005
28 101