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the typical stereotypical asain, the equivelent of a black person calling a black person nigga, its a slang word for asain
hey shigy, dont back up into that nissan
von matt 10. Dezember 2003
9 8
an asain, more spisificlly an asain that follows many stereo types
hey shigy, dont hit that red nissan
von matt 10. Dezember 2003
2 11

He is and Asian.
Shut up, Shigy.
von Shigy 9. Dezember 2003
2 12
stupid , (almost retarded) kid, that follows rules and wears neardy glasses, and has fucked up teeth, some dumb ass asain that should not ever get a drivers licence
lets beet the shit out of that shigy over there
von raza 23. Dezember 2003
2 13