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The common house hold tolite paper
I need to buy more shit tickets
von Napleo 9. Juni 2009
Another name for toilet paper
Hey Derek were out of shit tickets can you grab me some?
von jonhboy 2. August 2014
A term used when you run out of toilet paper or, halfway through a shit realize that there is none there.
DAMMIT!!! I'm out of SHIT TICKETS again!
von Slashedace 4. April 2011
Anything that is good in a homeless man's imagination
Shit ticket
von Greg stegs 2. Februar 2010
Another word for Toilet Paper. Also known as "Asswipe" (pronounced As-weep-eh)
Mark (from inside the bathroom): HONEY! GET ME MORE SHIT TICKETS!
von Shabangshwa95<3 13. Februar 2009