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1. to behave in showy, flamboyant way

2. a showy, flamboyant person
It's his showboat behavior that makes Americans look bad.
von The Return of Light Joker 15. Dezember 2011
28 4
a retarded musical
showboat is just plain stupid. i haven't seen it but i know i won't like it.
von coheedpowerx3 15. März 2009
47 30
T.O. is such a showboat that he's the reason "Excessive Celebration" is a penalty.
von katie was here 15. Juli 2009
29 31
An attractive boy or group of attractive boys used by a small group of girls for the sole purpose of showing off. The girls don't necessary like to be around the boys they are just there to look cute. This is a female version of arm candy.
Person 1:Man! would you look at those broads with all those cute boys!
Person 2: Aww they ain't nothing but a bunch of showboats.
von G.Keiz 26. Februar 2007
23 44