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A good for nothing whore who ruins the lives of those around it, and threatens to kill it self so people will pay it attention. It has many diseases so if you come in contact with it bathe immediately afterward.
There has been a skankapotamus sighting in the raleigh area!!
von SKANKHUNTER25 24. November 2009
30 2
similar to a hosebag; easily pursuaded to copulation with losers
my ex is such a skankapotamus
von bozo rutabaga 28. Februar 2009
14 1
A white trash looking, droopy boob toting female, that likes to steak boyfriends. Also has greasy hair and bad skin and is chubby!
I cannot believe he is dating that skankapotamus!
von Twinkies 7. Mai 2009
7 4
When someone is being a skank and/or being lazy. Can virtually be used at anytime or place.
"Stop being a skank-a-potamus"

"You're such a skank-a-potamus"
von mo-neek-e-sa 10. Januar 2010
1 1