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the name means "peaceful" or "complete" in Hebrew
Solomon is a very wise man.
von KingSolomon 29. Juli 2006
330 113
Person who is always has a girlfriend but talks about how complicated they are. Has a pretty big DICK. He is a great person to be around funny,flirty when he want to be, smart, and life of the party. His dick does not discrimante will fuck any girl from any race as long as she looks good to him. Very Caring likes to make people happy ,especially girls, wink wink. Loves to have a great time in the bedroom r anywhere.
'' Hey didnt he hav a different girlfriend last week dat boy is working his SOLOMON swag"

" He hung like Solomon"
von dis boi 27. September 2010
261 117
Basically the nicest guy in the world. He will never make fun of you and you can talk to him about ANYTHING. He keeps his promises and will never tell anyone your secrets. A girl would love to have a solomon as a best friend.
Girl 1: I met this guy yesterday, he's such a solomon!
Girl 2: *sighs wistfully* I wish I had a solomon!!
von Ahhmazingpersoneverrrrr 17. August 2011
122 67
To cut or slice something in half.
pizza "That slice was too large - I solomoned it."

"I went all solomon on that shit so I could share it with my friend."
von WiseOldKing 23. Oktober 2009
131 83
A hilarious boy who knows just what to say to make you laugh, and can carry on a conversation for years. A Solomon is very wise and smart, without even trying to be. A Solomon can cheer you up in a second if you are sad, by making a joke or saying something sweet. A Solomon is also very athletic and tall, and could be very attractive.
Girl 1: hey who's that guy over there?
Girl 2: that's Solomon! He's hilarious!
Girl 1: he's super cute too!
von Thatgirloverthere44 30. Juli 2013
24 13
A really laughable, funny guy who could become friends with anyone in the world and have an enormous conversation on any topic. He's usually more popular among girls than boys. He can be extremely silly but also serious as crap. He's really defensive of himself or others if he finds it fit and will challenge anyone, any age, to a verbal debate.
Solomon... Man he's cool...
von Harrydino 22. Dezember 2013
6 3
Going solo with a Jamaican accent, with subtle reference to your sexual intentions (see banging), like King Solomon of the Old Testament. Solomon was recorded to have 600 wives and 400 concubines from all over the world. Goddamn..
Liam: "You coming to Brasil with me, bro?"
Andy: "Naw I can't sorry"
Liam: "Damn..then I'll go solo mon" *wink*
von Prometheus0016 26. Juni 2013
6 8