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In Soviet Russia, definition adds you!
von dj gs68 9. August 2003
1930 70
A place where the opposite of the norm happens. As shown in the example, instead you driving the car...
In Soviet Russia, car drives you!
von IanTheLUEser 14. Dezember 2003
523 62
A magical place where things happen in quite the opposite from the good ol' USA, and where men in furry hats follow you but disappear when you look back.
In America, you can always find a party, but in Soviet Russia, the Party finds you!

In Soviet Russia, cold catches you!
von Gizwidget 12. November 2007
350 72
An internet fad/meme that essentially boils down to a reversal of the norm. As can be seen in the example below, while anywhere else You would tell a bad joke...
In Soviet Russia, bad jokes tells YOU.
von Thousandinone 1. Februar 2007
357 84
A place. It used to be commie.
In Soviet Russia, Kenny kills you!
von Carynne No. 18. Januar 2007
250 108
While most of the other definitions on this topic are technically correct, none of them attribute the joke to its originator, Yakov Smirnoff, an actor and standup comedian who is pretty recent and also still alive.

I can't believe the contributors to this definition were so stupid that they think a joke by a comedian who was incredibly famous during the late 80s and is still very famous is actually a joke that just "comes from the internet"!
In soviet russia, contributors to internet sites probably know what they're talking about, because they don't here.
von maxwell tallman 8. September 2010
138 20
The opposite of everything expected, which surprisingly makes sense.
In Soviet Russia, Urban Dictionary's Thumbs Up is down and Thumbs Down is up.
von SirAnonymousIII 29. Dezember 2011
17 48