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Another term for male ejaculation.
I spooze(d)way to early.
von ben newton 19. Dezember 2006
22 10
to ejaculate or sperm/cum. also a universal werd for can be a "spoozer" as well
you spooze you lose, you got spooze all over this magazine, what are you doing? spoozin/chillin/nothin/rockin... i made this word in 1997 fact.
von Nathan Wi-kid 30. März 2008
10 5
when a person is soooo wasted that he/she poops and pukes at the same time...all substances being released all at once
last week lawrence whittle spoozed like crazy in his pants and on his girlfriend giula pelizari while they were advancing to home plate in O'reilly's bathroom in brussels
von Renold Oppenheimer 25. Januar 2005
6 19