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stylish, cool, different, WEIRD, dj
that trick was steezy dude
von LADE JONE$ 12. November 2007
10 32
something really really sick and cool
doing a super sick grab wen snowboarding"THAT WAS the most super STEEZY GRAB EVER!"
von trevor342 16. Februar 2008
9 32
The definition of steezy is simple. It is when a skier or snowboarder is fly as hell. You got the style and the tricks. Got your pants sagged down and slayin in the park.
Pretty much the definition. Someone who does work in the park and has the style.

Dude i wish i could be as steezy as them.
von master23bateman 6. Dezember 2009
43 67
lookin fresh with some brand new clothes
Damn that homies LRG pants are steezy.
von Sophie Heller 11. März 2008
14 39
Snowboarder's term similar to gnargnarly, meaning tight, cool, or sick.
ZOMG dude! You are so steezy and have so much style on the jibs. And this pow pow is sick gnarsif!
von Andrew LeMond 9. September 2006
13 40
stylish, made by snowboarders to express how stylish or nasty a jib or air is.
yo son, that f/s boardslide 270 out was mad steezy. Like i always say be easy, and stay steezy!
von B Kizzle 5. November 2006
132 163
(skiing/snowboarding)a personal style that may cover a broad reigon of the sport such as form, clothes, or tricks. but can cover a broad range of personal styles
may be, but not limited to hanging rag or other piece of cloth hung from back pocket.
'that guy's steezy'
von guff man 7. November 2005
81 115