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refers to the hybrid/breed of cannabis
The Medicine Man is one of the most popular strains of marijuana.
von straindrain 11. März 2007
88 26
A strain is a genetic variant or subtype of a microorganism (e.g. virus or bacterium or fungus). For example, a "flu strain" is a certain biological form of the influenza or "flu" virus.
H1N1 is a common strain of influenza
von wesa23519 3. September 2011
74 18
1. Short for Australian.
2. The common slang language used by most working class Australians.
"1. I am, you are, we are 'Strain."
"2. I'm no good at English, but I can speak good 'Strain mate."
von Muggus 26. November 2003
11 7
One who is riding the "sick train". Someone who is beyond the point of sick, that they require a train to get them there. Illing.
Someone who is serverely sick, such as one with leprosy, the HIV, or just down right Illing.
von Mechdroid 28. August 2005
8 12
Possibly the greatest man of all time
That Strain is pretty much amazing
von MinkF 30. August 2011
10 17
1: To Decant Liquid

2: To Urinate (Irish Phrase)
"Did you strain the spuds yet? The bacons nearly ready."

" Stall the digger in the quarry now while i strain the spuds."
von Culty 20. August 2008
16 32
suck a dude's dick till he cums all up in your mouth. often used as "strain me" in the same way as "blow me" or "fuck you".
"If you don't like what I'm sayin, strain me then" - Jody Breeze
von rocktown^hustla 12. Mai 2009
11 51