A group of super cool dudes that cruise Tampa FL with their colostomy bags in tow. Fighting the good fight about street racing while oogling and awwing at videos posted about it. The ultimate Anti-Drama Car club in the world...Unless you don't agree with ALL their views, in which case picture "Seinfelds" Soup Nazi on dialosis.
There goes the stang gang.
Whats that smell?
Oh, that?
It's just their colostomy bags bro.

For those loving the policing styles of the old German SS, theres always The Stang Gang.

#tsg #stang gang #thestanggang #stang #mustang gang #soup nazi
von Max McGee 27. November 2007
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A group of over zealous losers who enjoy spending their friday nights in the parking lots of Wendys or Old Chigago pizzerias thinking they are the coolest thing to happen to the ford mustang in it's 48 year existence, when the harsh reality of it is that they are either A)gay, B)old, C)ugly, D)a complete tool, or E) all four.

The average stanggang member has a weakass mustang, possibly still lives with his/her parents and is for all intents and purposes... a complete asshat. They tend to recommend you to speed shops in the local area who like to completely fuck up your car and take all of your money, such as SnR Performance and Real Speed for example. Inreturn the moderators do not let anyone "bash" any of these "vendors" or speed shops due to their anti-drama policy, which inturn casuses anti-drama drama.

Despite having "high performance" cars they put down and bash street racing at any chance they get, as if none of them have ever done it. They prefer to run their slow ass cars on the dynos because supposedly "it's the same as racing" a quote made by one of their speed shop vendors. I guess that makes sense for them considering none of them actually know how to drive their cars. :faggotshit:
the stanggang is faggotshit.
tim cannot drive his mustang, so he fried his clutch 3 times.
#stang #stang gang #mustang #gay #faggot #cars #car club
von stuntman mike 15. Oktober 2007
A Mustang car club that anyone with a Mustang can join. Usually it is all exclusive which means you must own a Stang to become a member. The club usually attends car shows, car competitions and holds weekly meetings including breakfasts and lunches. The official car clubs are usually sanctioned by the MCA. The ages range from 25-70 of individual members.
The Stanggang is accepting new members this year for their annual car show.
#the stanggang #stang gang #mustang car club #mustang club #mca #car club
von Marty Smart 11. Januar 2015
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