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1. Extremely high, smacked or baked.
2. Too high to do something.
3. Lunchin Out.
Thraxed to the max.

Yo son, dat new shit you got be gettin me thraxed bro. fam fam

I can't even talk man, im too thraxed.
von ThraxToTheMax(ThraxGod)Thraxin 7. April 2011
11 2

Words related to Thraxed:

1) The act of being infected with Anthrax.
2) The means by which you lay down bidness.
If you don't step off bitch, you will be straight up thrax'ed!
von James Schneider 27. Mai 2003
9 4
The effect of hearing the ass kicking sound of Anthrax.
Nu-metal kids will never get the experience of being thrax'ed.
von fuck you 8. Juli 2003
3 11