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The tight stlyle of underwear worn by cool kids. They come in many different patterns and colors. It is tight because they have elastic around the legholes and waistband. Unfortunately they are more embarrasing to be seen in public with because they dont have extensions down the legs, it just stops at the top. The people who wear them, such as myself, are the usual targets for wedgies, which is where one of more people take the back of someones tighty whiteys and pull up as hard as they can. Sometimes over the head, or sometimes they get hung on something. Tighty Whiteys are cool.
I am 13 and I was getting changed for gym. When i took off my shirt I got pantsed and I was standing there in these dinosaur tighty whiteys. Then they took me outside and pushed me into the girls locker room. Then when the girls got in they gave me a huge hanging wedgie inbetween the lockers. How they did this was they went inbetween a row of lockers took the front of my undees and hooked it onto a top locker on one side of the row, then they took the back of my undees and hooked it onto a top locker on the other side of the row. So I was suspended about 3 feet in the air by these dinosaur tighty whiteys. Then they left me there for the rest of the gym class, and when they got back they still wouldnt let me down for another fifteen minutes. Eventally the janitor came in and let me down. Then I had to walk across the school in these dinosaur tighty whiteys to the office to call my mom and tell her to bring me some clothes.
von elmer the great 27. Januar 2007
Tighty Whiteys, otherwise commonly known as 'regular underpants', are general targets for wedgies and mervins, due to the pleasing effects of the elesticity, which results in a desireable snap and hopefully a tear.

The number one bad bad place to wear tighty whiteys is a high school locker room. Your social life is almost assured over if you are changing with whitey tighteys while next to the varisty football team.

Lastly, the number one comback not to use against the varsity football team once you have been found wearing whitey tighteys, would be anything relating to their jock straps.
Whitey tighteys suck. Boxers are better.
von Yavo 13. November 2003
Tight white briefs that are comfortable and hold your balls and penis into a fixed position so that they don't sag.
I was changing in the locker room when the cool kids came over and pantzed me (no one usually saw because I covered it with my shirt) showing my tighty whiteys. They took me and gave me a HUGE wedgie which gave me a boner. They then pushed through the lockerroom doors and the hot girls saw my TWs. I was SO embarressed.
von tighty whitie wearer 27. Juli 2007
the cool style of boys underwear. It is tight because it has an elastic band around the waistband and the leg holes, and they come in many different colors and patterns. They are more embarasing to be seen in while you are getting changed in a locker room, because they do not extend down the legs, but stop right at the top. Unfortunately the cool people who where them, such as myself are common targets for wedgies which is when someone grabs the back of your tighty whiteys and pulls it up, sometimes over the head, sometimes it gets hung on a high object.
I am currently 13 and in 7th grade. I was getting changed for gym. When I took off my shirt one of the 8th graders pantsed me, so I was standing in the middle of the locker room in these dinosaur tighty whiteys. Then they take me to the girls locker room and push me in and hold the door shut. When the girls get in they give me a huge hanging wedgie off of one of the lockers with hooks on them. So I am suspended about 3 feet in the air by these dinosaur tighty whiteys with all these girls laughing and taking pictures with their cell phones to show their friends. But they somehow tied my undees to the hook so I was stuck there for the entire gym class, then when they came back they still would not untie my undees. Eventually the janitor came in and let me down, but the boys took my clothes so I had to walk across the school in These dinosaur tighty whiteys to the office to call my mom and tell her to bring me some clothes.
von elmer the great 26. Januar 2007
Only the coolest underwear ever! Also the worst underwear for boys to be wedgied in
I wear tighty whiteys
von Tommy person 11. Februar 2009
A Comfertable Yet Embarrising type of underwear to buy and wear, though I wear Them, they're the best underwear ever.
As I Got Dress For Gym, Some Kid Cme Up To Me And Pantsed Me, Showing My Tighty Whiteys, And Just After That I Was Given An Enoumous Hanging Wedgie And Wouldn't Be Let Down!, Then, As They Pulled Down On My Briefs, Tey Started To Rip Sorta Come Off, Then, It Happend, They Ripped Off Exposing My Penis To Everyone, Luckily, I Was Near The Restroom, So I Was Hiding There Nearly The Whole Day! Afterwords I Was Able To Get My Pants On And get Home, A Misrable Day Indeed.
von Echo-Man01 12. November 2008
these are awesome underwear because they look and feel like a speedo and i wear those.
elmar the great that happened to me also except mine were just yellow(not from pee) they brought me to the girls locker room and hung by my tighty whiteys then they flicked my nuts and finally slipped them out the side and waited fo the girls to get back in and they all saw my 2 inch penis where they took pictures and posted them on internet and mesage boadr i mean every saw teachers, students and even parents it wwas in the year book. but they let me down and took my clothes so i to had to walk around in tightys but while i was walking..... i got pants and they were taken from me so i ran back to my locker and put on the only cover up i had 2 year old high rise bikinipurple so i walked 2 the offiice and was laighed at by teachers more than students.
von wedgie 31. Mai 2007
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